The Most Important Piece of Maryland Voting Information

An active, informed electorate is the lynchpin of a successful democratic government.

Registering to vote is the first step that Marylanders must take in order to be able to influence the future of our state. The registration application process is straightforward, and can be completed online, in-person, or via mail.

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Clearing Up Confusion with Maryland Voting Information

A good deal of time, money, and effort has been invested into making the voting process more streamlined for Marylanders. But despite the convenience offered by initiatives such as early voting and absentee ballots, there are still some areas of confusion.

The Election Day FAQ offers additional information to help Maryland voters make the most out of their opportunity to determine the future direction of our state and federal policies.

The Importance of Maryland Voters

Low voter turnout is a systemic issue in federal, state, and local elections.

Maryland, especially, is plagued with rock bottom levels of voter participation. In the 2014 gubernatorial primary only 22% of people who were eligible to vote (U.S. citizens who are 18 years old or older, are legal residents of Maryland, have not been barred from voting because they committed a felony and are serving their sentence, and have not been convicted of buying or selling votes), actually exercised their right to decide who would run in the general election. Less than 45% of eligible voters cast their ballots in the general election.

But merely registering and showing up on Election Day isn’t enough to ensure that your interests are being upheld by your representatives in the Maryland General Assembly. To keep government officials accountable for their actions you must educate yourself about the multi-faceted issues that are being debated in Annapolis.

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